At MSH Consulting, we believe the essence of a great strategy is simplicity - if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. Based on our extensive experience, we have constructed the MSH Framework: Design, Implement and Sustain.

We help our clients by designing a strategy that represents a unified leadership view of the way forward, implementing the strategy to achieve accelerated results, and sustaining strategic momentum by establishing a strategy management office to continuously refine the strategy.


We use our four-step strategy design approach, which combines global best practice with the practical realities of New Zealand sized businesses, to help our clients determine what they are trying to achieve, how they can achieve it, and establish a reporting system to monitor progress over time.


As many organisations fail to execute their strategy, we offer a range of implementation services to help you get your strategy “off the page”. The focus of the implementation services is ensuring organisations have the capability, i.e. process, people,  information and infrastructure, to deliver on the future state customer offering of the strategy.


We set our clients up to sustain their strategy without a high level of involvement from MSH. To do this, we establish a Strategy Management Office, who we train and support on an ongoing basis to complete the strategy cycle – ensuring our clients are able to keep their strategy live and on track for successful implementation.


We provide our clients with access to MSHOnline – an online strategy reporting system designed from the ground up to enhance the MSH framework. Our clients use MSHOnline to structure their strategic reporting and focus their team conversations on the elements that make the biggest difference to their strategic success.