We are passionate about helping our clients achieve success and becoming great leaders. We consistently push the boundaries so that the work we produce is second to none. A measure of our client success is that they are free to lead through the adoption of the MSH Framework: Design, Implement and Sustain.

Set out below are some success stories that we are proud of.


A Practical Strategy Approach for Resource-Constrained Organisations

The Scenario: The BBNZ management team were challenged with how to implement initiatives to achieve BBNZ’s strategic vision while executing the day-to-day activities of the organisation to serve its members.

MSH's Solution: A practical strategy framework which provided common ground for the Board, management and staff, and addressed challenges common to resource-constrained organisations.

Putting People First and Technology Second

The Scenario: CCC’s IT team needed a new organisational structure to significantly simplify how customers engaged with them, and enable services to be delivered faster and more efficiently.

MSH's Solution: We worked with the CIO to understand their personal leadership style, and incorporated these views in a new structure which aligned with their strategy and delivered better results for their customers.



Enabling the Vision of the New Zealand School of Dance

The Scenario: As one of Australasia’s leading dance training institutions, the NZSD knew that to achieve their vision of producing exceptional classical and contemporary dancers, they would need to convert their wishlist to clear initiatives that both the Board and management team could agree on.

MSH's Solution: We used our four-step strategy process to Unify, Map, Align and Embed a strategic plan for NZSD. This has led to more focused and robust conversations with the Board, enabling the School to get buy-in at all levels to move their vision from today to what they want to be tomorrow.

Halve new business application timeframes

The Scenario: Prior to being aquired by AMP, AXA was one of the largest providers of life insurance services in New Zealand with over 270,000 customers paying AXA over $200m each year in premiums. AXA experienced long delays in application timeframes for processing new business, with an average of 35 days from customer meeting to completion. AXA approached MSH Consulting to identify areas where processes were failing and implement change initiatives to reduce processing times.

MSH's Solution: MSH Consulting undertook workshops involving AXA’s underwriting, new applications and business processing teams. Together they identified the 10 key value drivers that impact on timeframes. This provided the fuel for MSH Consulting to develop a concise end-to-end model that provided clarity on where time was best spent. They then designed and implemented actionable initiatives to streamline processes. As a result processing times halved from 35 days to 15 days, 65% of Advisor businesses said that AXA’s service offering was faster and more accurate and over half of them expected to place more business with AXA as a result.